Services that ensure our client's satisfaction

We offer the following thoughtful and client-centric services that help our clients plan and implement a patent wall or digital IP display from start to finish;

  • Initial on-site review, consultations, evaluations, and presentations.
  • Project proposals with initial designs, renderings and costs.
  • Detailed designs for the site location.
  • Dimensional shop drawings including any electrical requirements, if required.
  • Statement of work for each project.
  • Project management and coordination, if required.
  • Prototype fabrication and samples.
  • Component fabrication.
  • On-site installation.
  • Installation "Technical support" including wall templates, instructions and real-time support.
IP Innovation Displays LLC

Our Proven Methodology (OR "How We Do It")




To achieve the goals of any display, we use a three step methodology:

•   Capture all the relevant IP data and extra details.
•   Distill it down into an IP centric story (simplify the value of your patents to any audience). 
•   Celebrate it through a visual and intelligently designed, multi-media display.

Project proposals with 3-D concepts and perspective renderings

Our project proposals (See Proposals) deliver actual concept renderings based upon on-site "location" photographs provided by our clients. It combination with prototypes and physical samples, our clients are guaranteed to accurately visualize an IP display before production or installation.

Thoughtful project planning and management

We will guide our clients through all phases of building a digital display, including: 

•   Document planning and design.
•   Data integration
•   Execution and implementation.
•   Continuous improvement through measurement and adjustment. 

Document Design

Upon execution of a project, we will provide a detailed design specification and work plan that will identify the considerations and major tasks. The design document will be used as a scheduling and managing tool, as well as the basis for the scope of work and the cost of the project.

System Design, Integration and Implementation

This involves the systems planning, programming architecture, graphic user interface design and program integration and installation. 

The system design manages the databases and how data is collected.

Data integration involves the collection and importation of data from our patent retriever, corporate IP management programs and automated data population tools.

Implementation determines how the digital IP program is hosted and served to the individual display(s).

at the client, and how the program will be implemented the installation of equipment and systems, testing, creation and primary interface and fabrication of signage and procurement,. Warranty and support documentation will apply specifically to hardware, software and primary interface and will be limited to the terms and conditions as provided by the respective manufacturer(s).

Content and Information Development

This involves the design and development of the secondary interface (topical information, resource information, and interface multimedia programs) that will be accessed from the primary interface described above. 

Support documentation will apply specifically to the software programs developed and run from the server selected. 

•   Import media and data in variety of formats (i.e. Excel, XML, CSV, mwv).
•   Manage the display from a web browser through an IP portal.
•   Scale and deliver the IP display program through most sign management programs like Scala or Visix. 

System Design, Integration and Implementation

We design with administration in mind;

•   Update content to the display(s) through an efficient administration portal, template, or as a service. 
•   Store content to a centralized location that feeds to all IP display locations.
•   Automate the process of keeping tracking and downloading new patents.
•   Administrate over inventor names to account for retiring inventors or ones who have left the company.
•   Import media and data in variety of formats (i.e. Excel, XML, CSV, mwv).
•   Manage the display from a web browser through an IP portal.
•   Scale and deliver the IP display program through most sign management programs like Scala or Visix.

We help administrators to; 

•   Monitor activity to see what viewers focus on (interactive displays only).
•   Measure and improve the display's ability to engage viewers. 
•   Import data via multiple file formats.
•   Keep the display refreshed with something as easy as "day planning" - different content at different times. 
•   Easily update selected content through an administration screen.

We will custom design an administration portal and/or digital template, in combination with drag-and-drop file tools, so that the IP displays can be updated and enhanced continuously, and even automatically. An administrator can easily push content to multiple locations through most existing digital sign management programs such as Scalia or Visix. 

Our IP programs can handle Excel, CVS or XML files for importing content through defining data mapping templates. Content can also be imported through IP management programs like IPFolio. We can fully automate the retrieval of information from IP Management programs or directly from the PTO itself. 

When administration is required, such as managing inventor names or importing calendar events, we can remotely support the display as a service or a local administrator can do so through an admin Portal. Our proprietary software offers automatic IP updates by downloading PTO data or importing it from Excel, XML or CSV files. 

Event logs and navigation monitoring can help provide feedback about a display's performance and viewer engagement. What content was most viewed and how can that be data be enhanced? Understanding how people interact with the displays leads to ideas for enhancement. Backgrounds, colors and visual cues all play an important role in the enticement of a digital IP display.

Implementation strategies that serve all our clients

We offer (4) implementation strategies that cover most of our 27 year experiences with clients/customers. These strategies offer multiple options for implementation, deployment and hosting (with multilevel security and reduced risk factors) for corporate enterprises.

Implementation strategies that serve all our clients

We offer networking options for connecting each display location via cable, guest WiFi, or 4G data connections. Plus, we can integrate with corporate sign management programs for corporate enterprise distribution (i.e. Scala or Visix AxisTV).

In addition to the above, digital and interactive displays require multimedia expertise, support and services.

There are specific considerations regarding what is being displayed and how it is managed over time. Interactive displays additionally require navigation. In these cases, we offer additional services;

IP Innovation Displays LLC
  • Multimedia consultation.
  • Design proposals for digital content.
  • Software specifications and requirements.
  • Consultation on video, interactive and CPU hardware.
  • Graphic design and navigation storyboards.
  • Content gathering and data requirements.
  • Video creation services.
  • Automated patent data retrieval.
  • Custom software programming (Java, HTML, XML, Flash, etc.).
  • Export/import multiple data file formats into IP display templates, i.e. CSV, Excel, XML, HTML.
  • Data integration from IP management software, such as IPFolio.
  • Implementation and integration solutions to set-up the display.
  • Limited support for sign management software, such as Visix or Scala.
  • Networking options including 4G data or on-site Guest Wi-Fi.
  • Hosting solutions including Cloud services and secure private servers.
  • Administration and management support portals and templates to update IP display content.
  • Ongoing technical support and documentation.
IP Innovation Displays LLC

Exhibit and Display Elements

We are exhibit designers that know precisely how to combine multimedia elements into a stunning statement about a company's intellectual property and the people driving it. 

  • Patent wall display systems, including rail, panel, cable suspension and custom.
  • Patent wall plaques, LED frames or custom engineered designs.
  • Interactive touchscreens displays.
  • Single and multiple-screen, LED and OLED digital displays.
  • Semi-transparent, interactive projection systems.
  • Wall plaques.
  • Patent frames for both LED illuminated and acrylic, non-illuminated patent frames.
  • Inscription panels.
  • Lettering for wall signage.
  • Graphic wall murals.
  • Custom signage of all kinds.


We provide detailed design proposals for display projects that require a creative approach. Our proposals address the intended viewer audience and desired impression that our clients seek. Often, an interior decor or strategic market theme has to be considered. We offer full 3-D renderings to help visualize the creative designs that we may suggest. 

A proposal will also address a host of considerations that help to define the scope of an innovation display, such as any programming or database development, patent portfolio size, materials or signage, and on-site installation. Finally, cost estimates and budgetary restraints are considered.

Proposals would include:

  • Designs and renderings.
  • Roles and responsibilities.
  • System designs and integration.
  • Content and information gathering and development.
IP Innovation Displays LLC