Interactive IP Displays

What if you could "visually" express to your important constituents, the strategic value of innovation and intellectual property? What if you could link patents to real world products and processes so that anyone could understand the connection between innovation and market leadership? What if you could recognize the inventors and people behind invention and innovation in a digital and engaging manner? Interactivity opens up a whole world of communication possibilities to capture, distill and celebrate innovations, patents, brands and virtually any form of intellectual capital or property.

IP Innovation Displays LLC

Whether on a kiosk or touch screen, internet or intranet, once the data and content has been gathered and organized, it can be disseminated to an entire corporate enterprises.

All projects have basic development phases that we thoughtfully guide our clients through:

  • Planning phase.
  • Design phase.
  • Development phase.
  • Deployment phase.
IP Innovation Displays LLC

Engage viewers around patents and innovations with interactivity

It is truly astounding how we are all influenced and accustomed to digital displays and interactive functionality. It is even more astounding that very few organizations have appropriated digital displays as an IP communications tool and with an opportunity to focus a viewer's attention on Intellectual property, innovations and dynamic inventor recognition.

Interactivity offers the highest level of viewer engagement and content retention because viewers can explore the subject of innovations and intellectual property at will.

Viewers can intuitively explore the mystic behind patents, inventors and patent protected products in our modularly based content system. Imagine a company's historical legacy of innovation distilled down into one of our historical content modules (See Modules) Imagine the ability to communicate the superiority of products under IP protection with a patent viewer module. Learn about the people and inventors that bring ideas into existence.

The ROI goals of any IP innovation display are to (See Benefits):

  • Recognize behaviors that lead to more idea submissions (internal audience).
  • Motivate participation in the ideation, invention and innovation processes (internal audience).
  • Influence the perception of a company's innovation leadership to important constitutes. (external audience).

key objectives

IP Innovation Displays LLC

Key objectives and goals of an interactive display

The key objectives to successfully engage a viewer or constituent: 

  • Capture the viewer's attention. For example, a scrolling patent viewer, IP PowerPoint or innovation video.
  • Hold the viewer's attention for an appropriate time span of seconds or even minutes.
  • Compel viewers to revisit the display, usually with updated IP content like new inventors and patents.
  • Direct viewers to possibly take some action like encouraging idea disclosures and patent filings.

IP Content

The diagram shown illustrates the vast amount of interrelated content that can be included into an interactive IP display. The items shown in blue comprise a basic level, interactive Inventor Recognition program containing a complete digital archive of patents that viewers can search, view recent patents, see new inventors and their location, and finally, to see any uploaded IP style videos. The display program executes its own "patent retrieval software" to acquire weekly updated patent information directly from the USPTO - automatically!

IP Content (Levels of Interactivity)

Content can be organized into levels of depth, from basic, to intermediate, to advanced. These levels are starting point in establishing the scope of the project and the organization of its content.

IP Innovation Displays LLC

Basic Interactivity

Level 1 Interactivity Includes:

IP Innovation Displays LLC
  • Digital database of existing patents.
  • Searchable by inventor name.
  • Inventor recognition and criteria.
  • Image database of patent front page images.
  • Search feature for inventor name.
  • Attractor mode with scrolling cue of most recently issued patents.
  • Scrolling inventor names shown on each patent.
  • New inventors (first time inventors).
  • Inventors by location (plant, R&D site, country).
  • IP and innovation videos.

Intermediate Interactivity

Level 2 Interactivity Includes:

  • Includes all Basic Content from Level 1.
  • Publically disclosure pending patent applications.
  • Expanded searches of fields on patent front page.
  • Keyword searching.
  • "Show more patents like this" feature.
  • Top Inventor rankings and patent counts.
  • Scrolling, digital ticker tape with IP facts.
  • Founding first corporate patent of the company.
  • Extended menu items and navigation.
  • RFID Inventor Fast-Finder.
  • IP Metrics dashboards with YTD comparison.
IP Innovation Displays LLC

Advanced Interactivity

Advanced level 3 interactivity requires incrementally more participation from the client to administrate the display. The effort translates into a more engagement and positive reinforcement, which are priceless. A compelling reason for level 3 interaction is compelling users to revisit the display so that they can learn more, but be reinforced by the single important message - invention is critical to sustainable growth and inventors are critical to invention.

Some advanced level features could include the following:

IP Innovation Displays LLC
  • Patent mapping onto products, market sectors or strategic initiatives.
  • Patent citation maps and ranking.
  • Inventor facts like years at company, Biographies, specialties, research papers, etc.
  • R&D efforts and patent production.
  • IP alignment with corporate strategy.
  • Interesting patent facts, statistics, events, web pages, and PowerPoints.
  • Videos about innovation and patents, which we can even produce in close collaboration with our network of video artists.
  • A "Trivia" factor of communication through interesting questions about IP statistics.
  • Etc.

IP Modules

IP Innovation Displays LLC

IP Modules

Organizing content into specific modules makes sense from a development, programming and administration point of view. It capitalizes on interactive navigation and content organization so that viewers from different perspectives can find content of interest to them.

Modules can include;

  • Main navigation module
  • Innovation History module
  • Company information module
  • R&D module
  • Patent browser module
  • Inventor recognition module

In our experience, the following modules cover most areas of interest from our client's viewers:

Module: Main Menu

This is the launching point for the user experience. Any number of navigation modules can be reached from the main menu.

  • Innovation History.
  • Corporate profile.
  • R&D Information.
  • Key innovations and patent mapping.
  • Digital IP database.
  • Product linkage.
IP Innovation Displays LLC
IP Innovation Displays LLC

Module: Innovation History

This module can be as extensive as desired and linked to an interactive, digital timeline of corporate innovations, patents, brands and products, thus celebrating a corporate legacy of invention and innovation. A legacy of invention implies a destiny of success.

  • Founding patent.
  • Historical innovation timelines.
  • Significant patents throughout time.
  • Digitalized patent databases back to 1834.
  • Branding and trademark histories.
IP Innovation Displays LLC

Module: Company Profile

This module features everything related to the company and its culture. It defines the company's personality, innovative culture, locations etc.

  • Corporate Strategy and mission.
  • Market sectors and patents within same.
  • Global locations and information.
  • Employee demographics.

Module: R&D and Key Innovations

This module features tailored information about R&D efforts and the return on investment from innovation. It can include:

  • Key innovation by product sectors.
  • Patents related to key innovations.
  • R&D core competencies linked to patents.
  • ROI and value creation of patents and innovations.
IP Innovation Displays LLC
IP Innovation Displays LLC

Module: Patent Browser and Mapping

This module showcases the real-world results of innovation and patents visually mapping them to innovation products and services. Complete digital patent archives can be made accessible and automatically updated weekly via our automated software programs and administrator support tools. Patents can be organized in significance by:

  • Product sectors.
  • Key innovation.
  • Revenue relevancy.
  • Citation ranking.

Module: Patent Metrics

Patent metrics are displayed in a dashboard format to reflect interesting information such as year-by-year comparisons, charts, infographics and more.

IP Innovation Displays LLC
IP Innovation Displays LLC

Module: Inventor Recognition

Inventor recognition is a defacto inclusion to all digital and interactive displays. It is the spot light for inventors to be briefly recognized across entire corporate enterprises. It is a means to communicate to co-workers and project contributions. Contents can include;

  • Inventor patents.
  • Inventor patent applications.
  • Master inventors.
  • Biographies.
  • Expertise and specialties.
  • IP publications.
  • Inventor rankings.
  • Inventors by location.

Graphical User Interfaces

Interactive IP displays require a menu driven screen for navigation, typically called the graphic user interface (GUI), which forms the foundation of the user experience (UX). The user interface has to be empathic and inclusive across a wide range of viewer interests. 

The design of the GUI should also embrace a company's personality and brand. It could incorporate a design emblematic of the company's business line(s) or innovative core competencies. The graphic user interface can either be the "standby" screen for the display or the first engagement point behind a screen attractor mode such as scrolling patents or videos, for example. 

We specialize in graphic design and collaborate with our clients to develop, design and program their totally customized graphic user interface for the IP display.

Some key goals of the GUI are to;

IP Innovation Displays LLC
  • Capture the viewer's attention.
  • Distill the concept of patents and innovation.
  • Recognize inventors and innovators.
  • Celebrate a company's innovation results.

Software Specifications

IP Innovation Displays LLC

The software specifications include the following (if applicable) and depend upon the complexity of the project. 

  • System interface.
  • Hardware interface.
  • Software interface.
  • Communications interface.
  • Memory requirements.
  • Integration requirements.
  • Operations.
  • Risk factor assessment and mitigation.

The software specification includes a definition of the project scope which is basically a ledger of all the graphic elements, navigation, number of screens etc. that will to be accounted for during the software design.

Obviously, a good design plan calls for detailed scheduling of all elements, documents and action involved in any sophisticated multimedia project. But carefully guide our clients through all steps. 

Project Management

IP Innovation Displays LLC

Managing a IP project with multiple integration, content, hosting, serving, and deployment concerns is an art unto itself. Experience has to combine with intuition to foresee problems, customer needs and project creep. By clearly defining the depth and scope of a project up front, and carefully and collaboratively working with our clients at each step, we take the guesswork out of the result. 

Initiation may involve a no-charge on-site visit to discuss expectations. Planning requires careful concept design, prototypes and anything to secure a client's confidence. Execution is the installation and networking requirements and technical support for same. Closeout is making sure requirements are met, any software bugs are addressed, viewer measurement is logged and reviewed, and revisions are implemented.

Integration / Implementation

Integration is getting information and data into the display. Where data comes from various systems and in many file formats. We offer a variety of solutions that covers to entire corporate enterprise, from stand-alone, non-networked solutions to integration with sign management software.

Implementation is about the processor element of the display and how it will be networked. Implementation also includes server or cloud hosting considerations. Networking requires some kind of processing unit at the display location, such as a laptop or tablet PC.

Display Management

We simplify the administration effort of an interactive display with content management solutions that range from zero administration required (fully automated content retrieval) to more concerted yet minor administration efforts. This depends upon the robustness of the content and the export/input of information from other sources, such as IPFolio. Where there is administrative effort required, we simplify it through any software automation and through an administration portal where content can be uploaded and published through Excel, CSV or XML templates that we will design for your administrators. 

IP Innovation Displays LLC

Our automated patent retriever software automatically acquires newly released patent data from the USPTO and formats it perfectly for the display with no administration effort. Any data that appears on a patent's front page can be captured and integrated automatically.

Administrators can seamlessly import data from other sources such patent docket programs (i.e. IPFolio). Admins can Import numerous file formats such as Excel, XML, CSV, and others through publishing templates. Even graphic elements, PowerPoints and MPV videos can be posted.

All types of IP digital displays (interactive and non-interactive) can also be managed from within popular industry standard display signage software applications such as Scala.

We also provide display management as a subscription service where would handle all the efforts for a nominal monthly fee.