Architectural Patent Walls

Our "Architectural" patent walls make instantaneous impressions with a combination of unique signage components to make a synergistic statement about innovations and technology. Components include items such as wall plaques, 3-D lettering, inscription panels, wall murals or frames, including our spectacular new cable suspended, LED illuminated patent frames.

IP Innovation Displays LLC

We can customize patent walls to show innovative core competence, such as integrated circuit layouts or molecular formulas, fiber optics or optical networking. Just about any market sector or specialty can be integrated into a patent wall theme.

Architectural displays may include digital components as well, such as video arrays or interactive touchscreens (see digital and interactive displays tab).

We offer innovative hanging and wall mounting systems that elevate simple components like wall plaques to museum level quality. Our mounting systems come with everything a client might need for installation, such as kits, instructions and/or on-site installation services.

We offer turnkey hanging and mounting systems that include:

IP Innovation Displays LLC

Rail System

Feature polished aluminum rails or runners that are precisely mounted with aluminum standoffs onto a full length, eight inch high, brushed aluminum back board. Rail systems can be constructed from aluminum or hard wood components. Inscription panels are often included. 

IP Innovation Displays LLC

Panel System

Feature groupings of individual patents collectively mounted onto custom crafted clear acrylic, aluminum or wood panels. Brushed aluminum standoffs provide a floating, architectural quality effect. 

IP Innovation Displays LLC

Cable Suspension Systems

Offer stunning modern looking components that look precisely engineered and contemporary. They feature braided steel cables stretched between wall-mounted, aluminum turnbuckles for an industrial yet elegant feeling. Our unique, low voltage LED frames offer illuminated columns of subtlety lit, acrylic frames floating and suspended from the steel cables. Plaques can include a variety of options for suspension. 

IP Innovation Displays LLC

Custom Designs

Can feature both architectural and digital display components to showcase patents and innovations. We incorporate modern technologies and ground-up, custom designed architectural components to capture and celebrate a company's core competencies and specialized products resulting from patents and market-capturing innovations.

IP Innovation Displays LLC

On-Site Installation

On-site installation is always an important concern for our clients. We can handle everything, including travel to the location and all aspects of installing the patent display components.

For clients with facilities departments willing to do installation, we have developed installation kits for our most popular patent wall systems that guide a client though the process. The kits supply everything a client may need, including all hardware, wall anchors, shop drawings, signage wall templates, instructions, etc. In addition, we always support our client's with real-time technical support.

Finally, we can act as general contractors arranging all the specific tasks that need to accomplished scheduling and coordinating with outside contractors and installers.

Our primary goal is make it simple for our clients and be flexible to their capabilities and concerns.

Recent Work

Here are some projects that we have recently completed.