The benefits and ROI of showcasing patents and innovations

The benefits and business case (and return on investment) for our unique, intuitive IP Displays include some of the following.

IP Innovation Displays LLC
  • Promoting the value of patents and innovation in a manner that is visual and understandable.
  • Distributing a cohesive message about innovation goals across a large corporation.
  • Communicating the perception of technological leadership for constituents.
  • Visually distinguishing patented features of products and services.
  • Recognizing the contributions of inventors in an appropriately innovative manner.
  • Using "patent mapping" to link patents to products, markets and innovations.
  • Showcasing the return on investment that innovation provides via real-world products
  • Clarifying the product and service differentiation from innovation initiative.
  • Illustrating how a core competence in innovation spans diversified market sectors.
  • Recognizing and celebrate a company's intellectual capital; and
  • Capturing the pride among employees for inventive risk taking and creative thinking.

Two essential goals of any display

The main goals are to 1) stimulate and encourage idea disclosures from inventors and 2) communicate the value of patents and innovations to important constituents such as the following;

  • Customers and Clients.
  • Shareholders/Directors.
  • Employees/ Management.
  • Recruits.
  • Analysts/Investors.
  • Media/Public relations.
IP Innovation Displays LLC
IP Innovation Displays LLC

Considerations that ensure success

Over 35 years of experience, we have seen numerous situations that have boiled down to the following consideration:

  • What is the intended audience? For example, inventors, public, other constituents?
  • Where will the display(s) be located and what is the traffic pattern at the location?
  • What will be the viewer's attention span?
  • Do you want to encourage loitering and exploration, or make a fast, instantaneous impression?
  • What is the scope of the displays (i.e. content, portfolio size, branding, trademarks, products)?
  • What is the budget?
  • How will the display encourage ideation, invention and idea submissions?
  • What components will be incorporated (i.e. architectural, digital of both)?
  • If a digital component is incorporated, will it be interactive or non-interactive?
  • What are the intended messages about innovation?
  • Will products be included?
  • Will patents be mapped to products, either physically or digitally?
  • Will patents be mapped to product sectors, markets, etc.
  • How will the display be managed?
  • What is the decor of the location?
  • How much expandability and flexibility is required?
  • What are construction details (i.e. materials, hardware, mounting systems).
  • How will the be rolled out and communicated?
  • If digital, how it will be networked and implemented (hosted)?
  • If digital, what patent information is included?
  • Will inventor recognition be included?
  • Who will install the display?

We will guide our customers and clients through all the considerations, content gathering and design elements. We will provide details project proposals with cost schedules, design renderings, prototypes, proof of concepts, programming, installation and administration.