Showcasing Innovation and Intellectual Property

It is well understood how and why companies pursue innovation and patents as a means to a competitive advantage. It is not always well understood how to leverage innovations and patents into a conveyance of value for corporate culture and important constituents.

Innovations and intellectual property are existing corporate assets with often under-realized value in corporate communications. They offer an incredible communications opportunity about a company's innovative leadership, it's inventors and it's innovators. Our IP innovation displays and patent walls are ideal for this purpose.

IP Innovation Displays LLC

Patent walls and innovation displays serve to celebrate innovative achievements from a management level that creates a climate and expectation for innovation. By tailoring the specific message, innovation displays can serve to establish a link between strategic innovation and corporate strategy by showcasing the real world results and returns.

IP Innovation Displays LLC

Historical components can also be integrated into a display, such as a founding patent display or an interactive timeline of influential brands, trademarks and patents. Historical elements authenticate innovation as an ongoing process critical to market leadership. Historical elements communicate that a legacy of innovation empowers a destiny of success.

IP Innovation Displays LLC is dedicated exclusively to the design and installation of architectural, digital, and multimedia displays that focus exclusively upon intellectual property, corporate innovation and the people driving both. Let us assist you in creating customized display that tells your innovation story.

IP Innovation Displays Offers:

We guide our customers through all phases of a project. We take the guess work out of the end result. We do all the following to ensure success;

  • On-Site consultations and presentations to provide information and listen to expectations for a display.
  • Creative design services to help our customers explore options and make decisions.
  • Proposals that include client expectations, creative designs and costs.
  • Detailed 3-D perspective design renderings that help customers visualize a project in place.
  • Prototypes and sample components that help confirm what customers like.
  • Detailed project management and scheduling from start to finish.
  • Shop drawings that include dimensional details and/or electrical requirements.
  • A one-stop-shop of services including machining and woodworking, laser cutting
    and welding, construction, fabrication and installation.
  • Last, but not least, we ensure our customer's confidence with 35 years of engineering and digital design experience, specializing showcasing and celebrating patents and innovations.

Visualizing innovation for your audience

The business case for visualizing innovations and celebrating patents is to make an impact upon constituents about a company's technological leadership and superior innovative capabilities. The key is to do this in a visual and engaging manner so that they get interested in a company's innovation story.


To achieve the goals of any display, we use a three step methodology:

IP Innovation Displays LLC

  • Capture all the relevant IP data and extra details.
  • Distill it down into an IP centric story (simplify the value of your patents to any audience).
  • Celebrate it through a visual and intelligently designed, multi-media display.

Architectural displays and signage

We offer complete architectural patent wall displays and mounting systems for both foreign and domestically issued patents and innovative, turnkey solutions for displaying and showcasing patent portfolios of any size. Our display systems include everything clients need to install on-site themselves or to have us handle the installation from start to finish.

IP Innovation Displays LLC

Our highly innovative mounting systems take basic patent wall plaques and elevate them to museum quality appearance. They work perfectly with a wide range of wall plaques, frames and panels, including our unique LED illuminated frames. Our mounting systems include rail boards, cable suspension systems and a wide variety of panel systems.

We specialize in custom designs and patent walls that captures a company's personality, innovative core competence and leadership in innovation and invention.

Digital Displays and Interactivity

For clients with large intellectual property portfolios and multiple R&D sites, we offer the digital future of IP displays. Using digital display technologies, we offer video displays that can, for example, cycle through patents and inventors, or display innovation videos or PowerPoints.


However, the greatest impression is made with a fully interactive, innovation and IP display. The possibilities here are almost infinite and the effect is instantaneous.

We provide interactive, multimedia displays that capture, distill and celebrate innovations and patents across a corporate enterprise. We use the latest technologies, programs, software and hosting platforms to simplify the administration and maximize the communication value.

We are pioneers in designing multimedia and interactive digital displays focused exclusively on intellectual property, innovations and inventors. Digital displays are usually comprised of a touchscreen, kiosk and/or multiple video monitors which can support everything from interactivity to simple visuals.

Architectural and digital and/or interactive patent displays are often combined for a truly engaging experience.